Choc Milk!

The worlds easiest and most delicious dairy free milk!

Chocolate cocktail

Here I am, 6 years old, standing in the school line with 70c in my sweaty left palm and my heart is beating with excitement. It’s Casual Friday and today mum has given me an open ticket to purchase choc milk from the school canteen! Now this might not sound like the greatest gift on earth, but to me it was. I moved up the line slowly, considering the cold milky substance and how it was going to feel hitting my sugar craved lips.

As I open the carton and glug the contents of the packaged good, my tastebuds do cartwheels and I now have energy to burn. There was really nothing quite like it.

Of course, as I grew older, learned about health, studied nutrition, the process of food production and its effects on our biochemistry…

I decided not to purchase my favourite little cartoned choc milk anymore and for a short while I was quite disheartened.

Then what I found was something far better and even more delicious than my little friday packet of chocolate syrup flavoured cow!

Here is my favourite recipe for nut milk which I indulge in on every so often on a Friday, when my inner child dances through the kitchen looking for something sweet.

Send me your favourite flavour and I’ll post a childhood-memory recipe just for for you!


½ cup almonds + ½ cup walnuts (soaked overnight in filtered water)
4 cups filtered water
2 tbsp date water or natural sweetener (soak dates in hot water and use the water OR if you’re a sweet tooth, blend dates with water to create date paste and add to your milk to taste)
Pinch of celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp pure vanilla essence (alcohol free)
1-3 tbsp pure carob or cacao powder
Optional mixes (cacao and lavender, cacao, nutmeg and cinnamon)


‘Juice’ almonds and walnuts in your slow-press juicer, adding water to make delicious creamy nut-milk. Add date water or paste and blend all ingredients together in vita mix or nutri-bullet.

Refrigerate and serve


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